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About us

Lamento Advocates is an international law firm that helps entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profits, and individuals achieve cost-effective solutions to their legal problems. 


Lamento Advocates is an entrepreneurial-minded law firm that has first-hand experience of launching a new start-up business of our own.

We understand the challenges, risks and rewards involved in starting, building and maintaining a business.


We also understand that when time and money are limited, legal concerns are often ignored.  However, understanding the essential legal issues of a business right from the start can save you money and ensure your business' future success. 


When you engage Lamento Advocates, we will deploy a multidisciplinary approach to solving your legal problems, thus we will not only provide legal advice, but also valuable information and support services in quasi-legal or non-legal matters, based on the latest legal and technology trends.


From this multi-disciplinary approach, we will not only examine our clients’ legal issues but we will strive to identify and solve the other underlying problems that created the legal problem, by leveraging our local network of experts to form a collaborative team of lawyers and other professionals as needed.


Our professional network include, but are not limited to, tax consultants, accountants, fraud examiners, real-estate experts, investigators, translators and more. We believe our consultants are uniquely qualified to provide analysis and services of the highest quality.


  • Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

  • Immigration & Visa Services

  • Corporate Compliance/Investigations

  • Fashion & Luxury Goods Law

  • Trademarks & Copyrights

  • White-Collar Crime Defense

  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution

  • Charities & Non-profit Organizations

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